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Technical Information and Help

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Suggested System Requirements:

Browser Plugins:

Browser Settings:

Cookies should be enabled. If Cookies are not enabled the following features will not work:

  • Scavenger Hunt
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  • "Refine your search"
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Cookies and Privacy

If you are concerned about cookies and their relationship to your privacy, please be assured that you are completely anonymous at this site and that in no way do we save or make any use of the very limited information we gather about you. This information is only used to help you navigate the site more easily and to enable you to use the features listed above. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to use our feedback form to contact our technical staff.

Viewing and Saving Images from This Site

This site uses MrSID (Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database) technology for delivering on-demand scalable images. This technology allows you to zoom in or out on an area of the image that you are viewing. Images are stored in .sid format on our server but are delivered to your computer in the form of JPEG files.

To save an image right click (or if you're using a Mac and a button-less mouse, control/click) and select "save image as..." from the pop up menu. In the save dialog box you need to rename the image. JPEG images are viewable in any browser and in most graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Questions? Comments? Bugs?

Please contact us by using our Feedback Form. Your input is valued!

Software Used to Build This Site

Graphics and Image Production:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Macromedia Fireworks

LizardTech MrSid

LizardTech, the LizardTech logo, and the MrSID Image Server logo are
trademarks of LizardTech, Inc. and are used with permission. Unauthorized
use prohibited.


Apache web server
Apache Tomcat/Jakarta servlet engine
GNU Emacs
Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE)


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