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front Fireboard
c. 1820
This fireboard is from the Rufus Saxton house in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front "Snow Storm"
Frances and Mary Allen of Deerfield, Massachusetts, went to great lengths to take pictorial photographs.
front "The Snow Storm"
Frances and Mary Allen of Deerfield, Massachusetts, were pioneers in the field of art photography who excelled at composing idealized images of New England.
front "Red Winter Sunset"
c. 1920
This image was reproduced in a popular magazine in the early 20th century.
front South Deerfield, fountain
The fountains of many small towns were built during the temperance era of the late 19th century, while others decorated the parks that were a part of the city improvement movement of the same time.
Page 1 Letter to Stephen Higginson III from his mother Agnes Gordon Cochran Higginson
Apr 24, 1854
Agnes Higginson (1810-1888) was settling her family into their new home in Deerfield, Massachusetts, when she wrote this letter to her son, Stephen Higginson while he was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
front Fireboard
c. 1813
This fireboard is from the Ryther house in Bernardston, Massachusetts, is attributed to Jared Jessup.
front "Cornfield in Winter"
c. 1900
George Spencer Fuller (1863-1911), the son of the famous Deerfield, Massachusetts, artist George Fuller, rarely painted in the summer. He was a working farmer, so he found spare time to paint only in the winter.


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