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Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
May 25, 1918
Edward Wirt's unit, the 76th "Liberty Bell" Division, was in the midst of its brief period of training at Camp Devens in Ayers, Massachusetts, when he wrote this letter. He is anxious to know when they will be shipped overseas.
Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
Jul 5, 1918
Edward Wirt's unit has at last been shipped out, and he wrote this letter aboard the transport taking them to England and then to France. He writes that his ship is safe from German submarines.
Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
Mar 30, 1919
Wirt's unit remained in garrison in France as the peace conference continued. Wirt again worries about the League of Nations concept, worries that many other Americans shared.
Page 1 Letter from Teacher Mary Montague
Jun 25, 1852
Letter from Mary D. Montague, a teacher in Sunderland, Massachusetts, to a friend who is also a teacher.
front Wedding Ring of Mrs. Hannah (Taylor) Hoyt
By the turn of the 19th century, more and more couples were sealing their wedding vows by exchanging rings like this gold band given to Hannah Taylor (1772-1864) by Elihu Hoyt (1771-1833) upon their marriage in 1794.
Page 1 Letter from Justin Hitchcock to Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt
Apr 3, 1778
Justin Hitchcock (1752-1822) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, followed 18th century custom and protocol when he asked for permission in this letter to Mercy Hoyt's (1756-1834) parents to court their daughter.
document Deerfield Academy student letter to Betsey Kimberley
May 31, 1807
Henry Hitchcock (1783-1861) met Betsey Kimberley (1790-1879) while they were both students at Deerfield Academy; he wrote her this love letter in 1807 and they married three years later.
Page 1 Letter to Colonel Elihu Hoyt
Feb 15, 1794
Samuel Field (1743-1800) gladly assented to Elihu Hoyt's (1771-1833) request to marry Field's niece Hannah Taylor (1772-1864), although he told Hoyt that the final decision must rest with Hannah herself.
Page 1 Pages from Journal of Dr. Elihu Ashley
The selected entries from this journal show one man's shifting position as the American colonies drew closer to war with England.
front Perfume Box
This box originally stored perfume and was given by Partridge Fiske to his bride Lydia Dickenson in 1824.


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