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front Foot Stove

The foot stove, with hot coals stored inside in a metal box, served as a portable heater.
front Amethyst Vase
c. 1854
This amethyst blown glass vase was probably made at the New England Glass Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
front Twin Potty Chair
This potty chair, built by a relative for twins, was made in 1854, the year the children were born in Leverett, Massachusetts.
front Side Chair
This side chair with upholstered seat made of an exotic wood, rosewood, dates from the middle of the 19th century.
front WWII Ration books and case
During World War II, households were issued ration books filled with coupons in order to regulate the consumption of food, shoes, and gasoline, all as a part of the war effort.
front Table Knife

Thanks to skilled German immigrant workers and a growing U.S. steel industry, knife and fork sets like these were made entirely on location in Shelburne Falls.
front Clothes Wringer

This hand-cranked wringer, when attached to the wash tub, was intended to make the task of laundering easier for the woman in the household.
Cover Excerpts from the Diary of Ellen Louisa Arms (Sheldon)
Twelve-year-old Ellen Louisa Arms (1847-1913) began her diary with the notation that an eleven-year-old neighbor boy, John Sheldon (1848-1908), was coming to visit.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elizabeth Babcock Leonard
When Elizabeth Babcock Leonard (1810-1892) wrote her diary, she centered it on the activities of her daughter.
front Foot Warmer
c. 1780
This portable heater was referred to as a "foot stove" since the hot coals in the iron box behind the perforated sheet iron door served as a warmer when used like a footstool.


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