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Cover Excerpts from the Diary of Ellen Louisa Arms (Sheldon)
Twelve-year-old Ellen Louisa Arms (1847-1913) began her diary with the notation that an eleven-year-old neighbor boy, John Sheldon (1848-1908), was coming to visit.
document "Thanksgiving Assembly"
Nov 5, 1845
People in Massachusetts, like the rest of the New England states, held annual Thanksgiving parties. Though regionally known, Thanksgiving would not become a national holiday until 1863.
document "Washington Ball"
Feb 12, 1844
A Washington's Day celebration was held in Deerfield in February, 1844. The veneration of George Washington began even before his death and the day quickly became one of the nation's first holidays.
Page 1 Civil War letter to Ella Melendy
Feb 13, 1862
John Fuller spent months in a hospital in Maryland after he joined the army as he describes in this letter from February, 1862.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elsie M. Putnam
Elsie Putnam's diary describes the life of a single Deerfield, Massachusetts, woman in 1888, including a brief mention of the great Blizzard of that year. The diary gives a glimpse into the active life of a young woman of the Victorian era.
document " A Proclamation For A Day Of Public Thanksgiving And Praise"
Oct 6, 1848
This proclamation by Gov. George Briggs reveals the political tensions of 1848, most of which arose from the just-completed Mexican War.
document "A Proclamation For A Day Of Thanksgiving and Praise"
Oct 31, 1861
The 1861 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation by Gov. John Andrew, made as the United States was at war with the rebellious southern states, acknowledges the sacrifice the commonwealth had already made in that effort.
document "Ratification of the Federal Constitution by Massachusetts" published in the Hampshire Gazette
Feb 13, 1788
The Massachusetts convention voted to ratify the new Federal Constitution on February 6, 1788 with a vote of 187 to 168.
Page 1 Toasts for Independence
Independence Day toasts reveal much about the political climate of the times.
document "Religious Anniversaries" article from Greenfield Gazette and Franklin Herald newspaper
May 17, 1836
This article reports on the anniversaries and financial health of three religious societies.


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