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Title page "A Son Of The Forest. The Experience Of William Apes, A Native Of The Forest"
William Apes wrote "A Son of the Forest," the first published autobiography by a Native American, in 1828.
front Pencil Pointer
post 1890
This pencil pointer, or sharpener, was patented in Portland, Maine, in 1890.
Front matter 1 Nathan Loomis' Copy Book
Mar 5, 1815
Copy books were used in schoolroom exercises in the 19th century, this one, used by Nathan Loomis, to display skill with the pen. One Nathan Loomis' descendents was Amherst's Mabel Loomis Todd.
Cover Excerpts from the Diary of Ellen Louisa Arms (Sheldon)
Twelve-year-old Ellen Louisa Arms (1847-1913) began her diary with the notation that an eleven-year-old neighbor boy, John Sheldon (1848-1908), was coming to visit.
front Spectacles
This type of eighteenth century spectacle frame was developed by Benjamin Martin in the 1750s.
front Spectacles
These spectacles are very typical of those used in the eighteenth century.
Cover "Nine and Ten Years Old- They can earn 40c. in a ten-hour day, but they cannot read."
c. 1900
The National Child Labor Committee issued this tract against child labor around 1900.
Title page "Ten Years of Massachusetts"
Massachusetts led the country in reforming conditions for working women and children by passing a large number of labor laws in the 1870s.
Cover "The New McGuffey Second Reader"
c. 1901
William Holmes McGuffey authored what would become one of the 19th century's biggest sellers, McGuffey's Readers. His readers taught science, history, and morality, among other subjects.
Cover "An American"
Kipling's poem, published in 1896, is a critical description of the American character in Kipling's eyes. Kipling published it after four turbulent years spent in Brattleboro, Vermont.


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