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Page 67a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger B, Vol. 3
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Deerfield, Massachusetts, storekeeper Elijah Williams (1712-1771) that includes purchases and payments from the free black man, Abijah Prince.
Page 242a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger C, Vol. 4
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Elijah Williams (1712-1771) describing the purchases and payments of Abijah Prince (b.c.1715), a free black in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the years 1756 and 1757.
front "Guilford Mineral Spring Water, Guilford, Vermont" bottle

Drinking mineral water was advocated by 19th century health practitioners.
Page 1 Letter to Gertrude Porter Ashley
Apr 23, 1918
Lt. Thomas Williams Ashley (1894-1918) writes this letter, dated April 23, 1918, from the village in France where he was billeted during World War I while in the Marine Corps.
document Bill from Deerfield Selectmen for Military Supplies used in Shays' Rebellion
This invoice, dated 1787, was for supplies debted to various Deerfield residents in the period of Daniel Shays' Rebellion, which had begun in 1786.
document Town of Leverett Bill to John Clapp Jr. for Rufus Clary
During the early 19th century, the care of the poor, sick, elderly or mentally ill was often appointed to poor farmers or the lowest bidder in an open auction.
document Illustrated Trade card of William Jackson's Brazen Head shop
c. 1769
Trade cards were an important form of advertising in the 18th century.
document "Oil Cinnamon Cordial" advertisement
c. 1870
A flyer announces the arrival of cinnamon oil, an herbal medicine popular in the 19th century for stomach and other problems, in the stores of O. and A. Crosby of White Creek, New York.
Cover "Saratoga Illustrated: The Visitor's Guide to Saratoga Springs"
An 1885 handbook describes the charms of Saratoga Springs, New York, a vacation resort.
Page 1 Letter to Colonel Israel Williams
Jul 10, 1783
This letter from William Williams to his father Israel talks of the state of the economy after the American Revolution.


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