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front Fire Engine (pump)

This fire "engine" required workers to operate it and pump water on the fire.
front Fire Bucket
c. 1840
The painted leather fire bucket was placed in a convenient place in the house, near the door, to be filled with water to extinguish fires.
document "Terrible Storm" article from Greenfield Gazette newspaper
Oct 22, 1804
On October 10, 1804, a "Snow Hurricane" hit New England.
document "Chicopee, On Emergency Basis, Hopes Worst Past" article from unknown newspaper
The hurricane of 1938 was the most intense tropical storm ever to hit the northeastern United States.
document "Our Dark Day" article from the Gazette and Courier newspaper
Sep 12, 1881
September 6, 1881 was known as "Yellow Tuesday" in New England, due to a strange weather phenomenon.
document "Start New Gypsy Moth Campaign" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Aug 3, 1935
New Deal programs often addressed social and environmental problems not directly related to the Great Depression.
Cover Excerpts of Ware from The 1938 Hurricane- An Historical and Pictorial Summary
A strong hurricane hit New England on September 21, 1938, causing widespread damage to buildings, cars, utility poles and forests.
front Gas house explosion
Gas lighting provided cheap and bright illumination in the 19th century, but its explosive properties sometimes resulted in tragedy.
front The Fire at the Hotel Warren
An unidentified photographer took this picture of the aftermath of a fire at the Hotel Warren, in South Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1908.
Cover "The American Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1838"
Because almanacs were among the most widely-owned books in 18th and early 19th century America, the reform-minded editor of this almanac hoped to convey his anti-slavery message to the widest possible audience.


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