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Title page "Ten Years of Massachusetts"
Massachusetts led the country in reforming conditions for working women and children by passing a large number of labor laws in the 1870s.
front Field Memorial Library
The Field Memorial Library in Conway, Massachusetts, was built by the town's most wealthy son, Marshall Field (1834-1906). Field, who grew up in Conway, left the town in 1851 and in 1865 opened what would become one of the nation's largest department stores, Marshall Fields.
front Sunderland Library

Built in 1898 this Tudor Revival building is the last in a long line of homes Sunderland library has occupied.
front Main Street, Conway, Mass.
Main Street, like River Street, was laid out during the original settlement of Conway.
Title page "Massachusetts A Guide To Its Places and People"
This guide from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a part of a huge effort to create employment for the millions thrown out of work by the Great Depression (1929-1940).
Title page "A Catalogue of the Books contained in the Chicopee Town Library, together with general regulations of the same."
This document shows the catalogue and regulations of the Chicopee, Massachusetts, town library when it was first opened in 1853.
document "T. F. Library Report Says 'Depression Reading' Ends" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Mar 22, 1935
The Great Depression exerted unforeseen influences on American culture and politics.
front Tilton Library
The town library in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, is named for its benefactor, Chauncey B. Tilton.
Cover "Catalogue of Books in the Second Social Library, Deerfield, with the Bye Laws of the Company; and the Rules &..."
Lending libraries emerged during the early 19th century as an inexpensive and congenial way for print-hungry groups of Americans like the members of the Second Social Library in Deerfield, Massachusetts, to gain access to more books than they could own as individuals.
Page 1 Letter from second headmaster of Deerfield Academy
Jun 28, 1799
This 1799 letter by Claudius Herrick (1775-1831), second headmaster of Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts, provides a valuable historical record in its description of the school, the teachers and students, and the community.


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