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front Edward Hitchcock (1793-1864)
c. 1880
This likeness of Edward Hitchcock, made in 1880, is taken from an earlier image, a carte-de-visite of the 1850s.
Cover "The Sabrinian"
Nov 13, 1918
"The Sabrinian" is a publication of Amherst College; this edition is published by the class of 1916 and contains a tribute to class member Thomas Ashley of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Cover "Prospectus of the Deerfield Academy and Dickinson High School"
This 1888 prospectus of Deerfield Academy and Dickinson High School in Deerfield, Massachusetts, shows that funding up-to-date, free public schools is not a new problem for towns.
document "Deerfield School Troubles"
Apr 21, 1900
The town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, solved one problem when it arranged for the private Deerfield Academy to jointly run its public high school, but by 1900 the academy was in financial trouble and the high school was being poorly serviced.
document "Dickinson High School"
May 12, 1900
This hard-hitting article from the Greenfield, Massachusetts, newspaper detailed some of the problems the Dickinson High School, Deerfield's public high school, faced in 1900. It charged management, the trustees of the Deerfield Academy, with negligence.
front Alabaster sculpture

This alabaster sculpture was among the objects transferred from the Deerfield Academy Museum to the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association in 1877.
front War club
c. 1790
This whale bone war club from Nootka Sound, British Columbia, was among the objects transferred from the Deerfield Academy Museum to the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association in 1877.
front Deerfield Panorama
A photographer captured an early bird's-eye view of the village of Deerfield, Massachusetts, from the highest point of land, Pocumtuck Mountain.
front "Memorial Hall, Deerfield, Mass."
c. 1910
The famous American architect Asher Benjamin designed the first Deerfield Academy building, which became the Memorial Hall Museum in 1880.
front Lilla and Mary Ella Childs (1854-1942)
c. 1863
This watercolor painting is of Mary Ella Childs (1854-1942) who lived in Deerfield, Massachusetts.


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