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Page 67a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger B, Vol. 3
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Deerfield, Massachusetts, storekeeper Elijah Williams (1712-1771) that includes purchases and payments from the free black man, Abijah Prince.
Page 242a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger C, Vol. 4
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Elijah Williams (1712-1771) describing the purchases and payments of Abijah Prince (b.c.1715), a free black in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the years 1756 and 1757.
front Candlewick Spread
c. 1863
Like many individuals of the period, the maker of this bed spread supported the Union cause, yet continued to use slave-produced cotton goods in the years leading up to the American Civil War.
front Shirred Rug depicting the Sheldon House
Arabella Sheldon (1812-1874) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, designed and made this rug to represent the house where she grew up.
front Man's Shirt
c. 1820
This shirt is referred to here as a "day" shirt to distinguish it from a "night" shirt.
front The Rose
Cross-stitched embroidery by the Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework.
front Wedding Dress
This gown was worn by Mary Graves Montague of Williamsburg, when she married John Montague, from Sunderland, on October 7, 1830.
front Embroidered Dress
The style of this dress represents the Neo-Classical influence on design in the early 19th century.
front Black Lace Dress
This dress reflects the new shorter styles popular after World War I.
front Wedding Gown
c. 1896
This wedding gown was worn by Janette Austin Abell, who married Alfred Savage in 1896.


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