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Inside cover Excerpts from Edwin Nims' Agricultural Diary
These five pages from Edwin Nims (1791-1852) agricultural diary, written in 1830-1831 when he was about forty years old, reveal the dailyness and the seasonality of farm chores.
Page 1 "Supplement to the New England Farmer, and Gardener's Journal"
Jan 9, 1839
These pages from the 1839 New England Farmer demonstrate how vibrant the market was for agricultural inventions even in this early period. Nearly every item has been patented or "improved."
Page 81 "The Silk Culturist"
The Silk Culturist was a newspaper about the silk industry published in Hartford, Connecticut.
document Distribution of the estate of John Wells
It was necessary for the court to draw up a distribution of an estate when the head of household died without a will, in order that debts could be paid and heirs would receive their just inheritances.
Page 1 Deerfield Town Meeting
These transcribed town meeting notes include sessions from August 9, 1728 to August 11, 1729.
document Lease (Indenture) by Orlando Ware
Jun 8, 1807
This document names the terms of rental for part of the house owned by Orando Ware of Deerfield to Mr. Hildreth, preceptor of Deerfield Academy, in 1807.
document "Farm for Sale"
Dec 13, 1819
This public announcement, printed on a broadside, advertises the farm of Caleb Hubbard of Sunderland, Massachusetts, for sale.
Page 1 Diagram of John Wilson's Orchard and list of trees
Jun 2, 1829
The diagram and list of trees are those planned by John Wilson (1782-1869) for his orchard in Deerfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1829.
Page 1 List of plants in the garden of William Stoddard Williams
Apr 26, 1823
Dr. William Stoddard Williams (1762-1829) was an avid horticulturist who was interested in experimenting with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
Cover "Cabinet of Nature"
This schoolbook is organized according to the months of the year and each chapter offers a description of the events in nature that occur at that time.


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