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document "The Senate of 1872- Arrangement of Seats"
The Massachusetts State Senate Chamber remains remarkably unchanged from the layout it had in this 1872 engraving.
front The Common, Greenfield Mass.
In this 1905 image, Bank Row, the 1796 Hollister House, Second Congregational Church, and the County Courthouse border Greenfield's common.
front Town Hall, Montague, Mass

The second town hall of Montague, Massachusetts, located at Montague Center. Built 1858, the hall is still standing, although it is not still used for town functions.
front County Court House, Greenfield, Mass.
Built in 1848, this Courthouse was designed by Isaac Damon of Northampton, a talented architect who was influenced greatly by Asher Benjamin.
front The Square-Showing Odd Fellows Hall, Savings Bank and Post Office, Orange, Mass.

The Odd Fellows building of Orange, Massachusetts, was a chapter of the national service organization established in America in 1819.
document "American Flag house and Betsy Ross Memorial Association Membership certificate"
The American Flag House sought subscriptions to purchase the home of Elizabeth (Betsey) Ross, the legendary maker of the nation's first flag.
document "Insurrection at Harper's Ferry" article from the Franklin Democrat newspaper
Oct 24, 1859
On October 16, 1859, John Brown (1800-1859) and his 21 manned "army of liberation" attacked the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.
document WWII Disabled American Veterans card of Frank Dahowski, Jr.
c. 1945
This is the WWII Disabled American Veterans card of Frank R. Dahowski, Jr. (1910-1988).
document "A Hard Nag to Ride" political cartoon from the Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Jan 12, 1933
This political cartoon from 1933 is a commentary about the large federal deficit that had built up since the beginning of the Great Depression.
document "Congress passes $40 billion to fight terrorism" article from The Recorder newspaper
Sep 14, 2001
The rapid and large scale reaction of the United States Congress to the bombings of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by a terrorist cell on September 11, 2001


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