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front Old House in Essex, MA
c. 1884
Agnes Higginson (1810-1888) painted for all her life, but in her later years she depicted New England-style "salt box" houses scores of times in paintings like this.
front Shirred Rug depicting the Sheldon House
Arabella Sheldon (1812-1874) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, designed and made this rug to represent the house where she grew up.
front Moody Homestead
This substantial farmhouse was the birthplace of Dwight L. Moody, who went on to spur a religious revival across the United States and Great Britain, and found Northfield School for Girls and Mount Hermon School.
document Inventory of Charles Hart Ashley
Aug 11, 1925
When Charles Hart Ashley died in 1925, an inventory of his real and personal estate, totaling a little more than $21,000, was taken.
document Sketch of Wilson Printing Office
c. 1815
Mary Hoyt Wilson (1809-1841) was a young girl when she sketched the printing office run by her father, John, in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Title page Puritan Village patterns from "Historical Atlas of Massachusetts"
The layout of towns tells us a lot about the culture and society they belong to. The Puritan town sought to give its residents as equal a set of land as possible, using a model created in England and modified for the New World.
front Residence of Dwight L. Moody, East Northfield, Mass.
Dwight L. Moody was the founder of Northfield School for Girls and Mount Hermon School. This was his home from 1875 to his death.
front Birth Place of D. L. Moody, East Northfield, Mass.

D.L. Moody, founder of the Northfield Seminary and Mount Hermon Schools, was born here in 1837 and maintained the home for his mother until her death.
front Birthplace of Sophia Smith, Hatfield, Mass. Founder of Smith College

In 1870 Sophia Smith, a well-to-do lady of Hatfield, died, giving the bulk of her fortune to found a college for women.
front The First Home of Masonry in Western Massachusetts Built 1750. Orange, Mass.
This postcard claims that there was a functioning Masonic chapter founded in Orange, Massachusetts, in 1750, although that is doubtful.


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