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front African-American woman sewing
Like his other drawings of slave and southern plantation life, this interior sketch of slave quarters by George Fuller (1822-1884) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, carefully details the spaces in which slaves worked and lived.
front Sconce-Candle Reflector
c. 1835
This tin candleholder came from Hall Tavern in Charlemont, Massachusetts.
front Camp Meeting Residence
The tent meeting religious revivals synonymous with the Second Great Awakening of the early 1800s had evolved by the early 20th century into organized summer camps featuring house-like amenities.
front Tea Room
A postcard from 1910-1911 for a tea room in Deerfield, Massachusetts, "Ye Stockade Shop & Tea Room."
front "Hanging Stockings"
Although these children posed hanging Christmas stockings in front of an early 19th century fireplace, celebrating Christmas did not come into fashion in New England until the mid-19th century or later in more rural areas.
front Memorial Hall Bedroom
c. 1890
The Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts, was the first museum in the United States to implement the new and exciting concept of creating "period" rooms to display its collection to the public.
front Interior of the First Church of Deerfield
c. 1910
Built in 1824, outside the central common in Deerfield, Massachusetts, this was the fifth meeting house and the first to be used "solely for worship," and not also for town meetings.
front Memorial Hall Bedroom
c. 1900
The Memorial Hall Museum piloted an exciting new concept in displaying artifacts when it opened in 1880: the period room.
front Village Room
The Village Room served as a social center for Deerfield, Massachusetts, at the turn of the 20th century.
front First Church of Deerfield Interior
The lack of ornament, the box pews, and the dominance of the pulpit are all reminders of the colonial time period in the 1920 refurbishing of the Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1824 meeting house during the Colonial Revival.


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