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document WWI Cartoons
Frank Hines clipped this panel of cartoons from a Camp Devon, Massachusetts, newspaper during World War I.
Page 1 Letter to Charles Hart Ashley
Jun 21, 1917
This urgent letter, dated June 21, 1917, from Lt.Tom Ashley to his father in Deerfield, Massachusetts, asks that an important paper be sent to him as soon as possible; the contents of the paper are not revealed.
Page 1 Letter to Gertrude Porter Ashley
May 6, 1918
This letter, dated May 6, 1918, from Tom Ashley (1894-1918) to his mother in Deerfield, Massachusetts, tells her about his life in France as a Marine in World War I.
document "The Vicksburg Daily Citizen"
Jul 2, 1863
The Vicksburg Daily Citizen was printed on wallpaper near the end of the siege, and it detailed life in that besieged city until the bitter end on 3 July 1863.
document "More Power to the Allies"
Jun 18, 1918
This advertisement for gasoline is striking because although it is the height of World War I, June, 1918, gasoline is still being marketed and sold. Mandatory rationing was never put into place during World War I.
document "Specimen of a Leaf of the Morus Multicaulis Tree for The Silk Grower"
c. 1870
This promotional flyer depicts the mulberry tree morus multicaulis, an agricultural experiment that caused a financial bubble in 1838.
Cover "Annual Report of the Town Officers of Deerfield For the Year Ending Feb. 1st, 1914- Annual Report of the School Committee"
This 1914 report from the town's supervisor of education notes the schools of Deerfield were expanding, with a new grammar school in South Deerfield built to the most modern standards.
document "Deerfield"
Apr 21, 1900
The Greenfield Gazette and Courier (1841-1922), published news from Franklin County towns, including Deerfield, Massachusetts.
document Frontpage of Gazette & Courier newspaper
Jan 19, 1880
This newspaper page was chosen to illustrate a typical newspaper of the 1880s; on this day, articles describe the effort to grow sugar beets in Western Massachusetts, along with the usual run of fiction and other stories.
document Franklin County Cadet -1845
May 9, 1953
This uniform of the Franklin Cadets belonged to Charles Jones who wore it in 1845. In 1953 it was modeled by a student from Deerfield Academy, who is pictured here.


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