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front Reverend Samuel Willard (1776-1859)
Controversy erupted when the First Church of Deerfield, Massachusetts, ordained the Reverend Samuel Willard, a Unitarian, as their minister.
front "Study by Candlelight"
Parlor music, and piano playing in particular, symbolized good taste and moral respectability throughout the Victorian period.
document "HYMN - For Fourth July--1826"
Jul 4, 1826
Samuel Willard (1776-1859), minister of Deerfield who was born the year the country began the war for independence from Great Britain, composed this fourth of July hymn on the 50th anniversary of that occasion.
Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
Jul 5, 1918
Edward Wirt's unit has at last been shipped out, and he wrote this letter aboard the transport taking them to England and then to France. He writes that his ship is safe from German submarines.
Cover Excerpts from the Diary of Ellen Louisa Arms (Sheldon)
Twelve-year-old Ellen Louisa Arms (1847-1913) began her diary with the notation that an eleven-year-old neighbor boy, John Sheldon (1848-1908), was coming to visit.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elizabeth Babcock Leonard
When Elizabeth Babcock Leonard (1810-1892) wrote her diary, she centered it on the activities of her daughter.
document "Thanksgiving Assembly"
Nov 5, 1845
People in Massachusetts, like the rest of the New England states, held annual Thanksgiving parties. Though regionally known, Thanksgiving would not become a national holiday until 1863.
document "Washington Ball"
Feb 12, 1844
A Washington's Day celebration was held in Deerfield in February, 1844. The veneration of George Washington began even before his death and the day quickly became one of the nation's first holidays.
document "Exhibition. Westfield Academy. Order of Exercises."
Apr 6, 1813
The academy in Westfield, Massachusetts, was one of the first such schools to be established in Massachusetts. Its yearly exhibition gives a glimpse into what the popular culture of the day found interesting.
document "Order of Exercises at the Exhibition of the Deerfield High School"
Mar 27, 1860
The Deerfield High School was the town's first free school beyond the elementary level, and its yearly exhibition was a way for it to prove to the citizens that its students were learning important and useful knowledge.


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