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Page 1 Letter to Gertrude Porter Ashley
May 6, 1918
This letter, dated May 6, 1918, from Tom Ashley (1894-1918) to his mother in Deerfield, Massachusetts, tells her about his life in France as a Marine in World War I.
front Heath, Mass.-On Pocumtuck Road
This turn-of-the-20th-century postcard was intended to make fun of the "rubes" and "hicks" of western New England.
Title page Pages from the Annual Report of the Treasurer, Selectmen, and School Committee to the Inhabitants of the Town of Deerfield
The 1888 annual town report from Deerfield, Massachusetts, contains information about town meeting as well as the finances of the town.
document "Quabbin Reservoir Water Starts Flowing" article from Quabbin Reservoir scrapbook
This newspaper clipping shows the first water to flow out of the Quabbin Reservoir on its way to supply Metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts' needs.
document "Chicopee, On Emergency Basis, Hopes Worst Past" article from unknown newspaper
The hurricane of 1938 was the most intense tropical storm ever to hit the northeastern United States.
Cover "An Atlas of the Quabbin Valley Past and Present"
This atlas provides a short history of each of the four towns in Massachusetts impacted by the Quabbin Reservoir flooding, maps of each town in 1850 and 1900, and a map of the Reservoir's impact on the area
document "Deerfield and Bernardston Accept PWA; Northfield Rejects School Proposal" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette paper
Oct 22, 1935
The Roosevelt Administration created the PWA (Public Works Administration) in the spring of 1933 to promote economic recovery by funding local construction projects.
document "More Weight On Men, More Roads Through Forest Show Result of One Camp" article from the Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Jul 10, 1933
This article in the Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette shows why the Civilian Conservation Corps was such a popular program in the 1930s.
document "Deerfield First To Receive Work Relief Allotment" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Nov 21, 1933
The Civil Works Administration was one of the most dramatic and radical programs of the New Deal.
front Oakman Motor Vehicle Company Advertisement
This ad for an early gas-powered automobile emphasized the vehicle's easy operation and carriage-like elegance.


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