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Title page Puritan Village patterns from "Historical Atlas of Massachusetts"
The layout of towns tells us a lot about the culture and society they belong to. The Puritan town sought to give its residents as equal a set of land as possible, using a model created in England and modified for the New World.
front "The Letter of the Law"
The Allen sisters of Deerfield, Massachusetts, captured the Colonial Revival interpretation of Puritan society in this photograph titled, "The Letter of the Law."
front "SH" joined chest
c. 1710
At a time when most houses lacked closets, joined chests like this one made for Sarah Hawks (1701-1783) stored linens, clothing and other valuable textiles while also serving a decorative function.
Cover "What Befell Stephen Williams in his Captivity"
Stephen Williams (1693-1782) wrote an account of his capture and eighteen-month captivity following the 1704 French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, that was later transcribed and published.
Cover "A Biographical Memoir of the Rev. John Williams"
Dr. Stephen West Williams (1790-1855) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, focused largely on his ancestor's ordeal and captivity when he wrote this biography of the Reverend John Williams (1664-1729) in 1837.
Title page "The History of New England.."
Puritan religious zeal and conflicts with French and Indians figure prominently in Lambert Lilly's "History of New England," which was directed at a youthful audience.
Page 6 Pastoral Letter excerpted from "Good Fetch'd Out of Evil"
In the hands of ministers like Cotton Mather, the spiritual and physical hardships of New Englanders captured by Indians became powerful testimonials of religious faith in the face of extreme adversity and persecution.
Page 1 "Biographical Memoir of Rev. John Williams," by Stephen West Williams.
c. 1830
This unpublished manuscript was written by Dr. Stephen West Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts, about his ancestor, Deerfield's first minister, the Rev. John Williams (1664-1729).
Title page "Heredity and Early Environment of John Williams 'The Redeemed Captive'
George Sheldon's biography of Deerfield, Massachusetts' first settled minister celebrated John Williams' early life and ended before the French and Indian raid on the town in 1704 that had such tragic consequences for Williams and his family.
Cover "A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. John Williams"
Jun 12, 1729
This typically lengthy sermon by the Reverend Isaac Chauncey repeatedly praised the Reverend John Williams' personal piety and sterling ministerial qualities despite personal tragedy and affliction.


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