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front Elizabeth Brooks Fuller (1896-1979) painting
Elizabeth Fuller, herself a painter, is shown here, at age twenty-four, in a painting by Irwin D. Hoffman.
front William Montague (1760-1839)
c. 1836
This portrait of William Montague (1760-1839) was painted by itinerant artist Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900).
front Persis Russell Montague (1765-1851)
c. 1836
This portrait of Persis Russell Montague (1765-1851) was painted by itinerant artist Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900).
front "Negro Nurse with a Child"
This painting by George Fuller of a child having her hair combed by her African American "nurse" was undoubtedly a product of Fuller's travels in the South just before the Civil War.
front "Study by Candlelight"
Parlor music, and piano playing in particular, symbolized good taste and moral respectability throughout the Victorian period.
front "Women of Plymouth"
c. 1893
This preparatory study served as the model for a mural for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
front Nathaniel Lamson (1805-1866)
c. 1842
About 1842 this portrait of Nathaniel Lamson, an owner of the Lamson and Goodnow Cutlery Company in Shelburne Falls, was painted by Joseph Goodhue Chandler (1813-1884).
front Melinda Prouty Lamson (1801-1874) and son, Nathaniel Lamson (1841-1907)
c. 1842
Soon after the birth of her son, Nathaniel, in 1841, Melinda Prouty Lamson was painted on canvas by Joseph Goodhue Chandler (1813-1884).
front Connecticut Valley
c. 1855
George Fuller of Deerfield, Massachusetts, painted portraits in his early career but began painting landscapes such as this view of the Holyoke and Pocumtuck Ranges in the Connecticut Valley when he returned to the family farm.
front African-American Musicians
While not all residents supported abolition, the Deerfield Anti-Slavery Society was formed in 1838, the date of this painting.


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