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front Candlewick Spread
c. 1863
Like many individuals of the period, the maker of this bed spread supported the Union cause, yet continued to use slave-produced cotton goods in the years leading up to the American Civil War.
front Embroidered Dress
The style of this dress represents the Neo-Classical influence on design in the early 19th century.
front Christening Dress
This Christening Dress was originally a wedding gown for Emily Rudman Tripp.
front Nurse's Dress
c. 1919
Julia D.S. Snow of Greenfield, Massachusetts, wore this dress as a part of her working uniform as an Army nurse during World War I.
front Sunburst and stars album quilt
This commemorative quilt was made for Israel Arms of Brighton, Michigan, by his sisters.
front Smock
c. 1800
This smock was used to protect the wearer's other clothing while performing messy household chores.
front World War II Duffle Bag
c. 1940
This is a WWII Army issue duffle bag that belonged to Edward Burns Shaw, Jr., who lived in Shelburne, Massachusetts.
front Sugar Sack
A sack, such as this sugar sack, took on a new life for many families during World War II.
front Quality Control Lab Coat from Millers Falls Company
c. 1950
This is the type of clothing that was worn by senior toolmakers and employees in the Quality Control Lab of the Millers Falls Company of Greenfield and Millers Falls, Massachusetts.
front Uniform Gloves

These white cotton uniform dress gloves were used by Brigadier General Frederick E. Pierce (1865-1958) of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, a volunteer unit based in Greenfield, Massachusetts.


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