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front Dr. Julian Nieckowski (1915-1985)
Dr. Julian Nieckowski's medical practice spanned five decades.
front Dr. Frank S. Newell in Horse drawn Buggy
Dr. Frank Newell's medical career won him many admirers in Franklin County.
front Log crew working above Sunderland Bridge
c. 1900
A photographer captured this logging scene on the Connecticut River above the Sunderland, Massachusetts, bridge around 1900.
front Grammar School Class
c. 1910
These students were among the first children to attend this expensive new South Deerfield, Massachusetts, grammar school.
front Ice delivery
For over a century, ice for the "ice box" was delivered door-to-door in both town and countryside.
front Deerfield Academy/ Dickinson High School
c. 1900
Deerfield's Dickinson High School developed from the town's first free high school that had been established in 1858. Unusually, it was operated in conjunction with the private Deerfield Academy until 1917.
front Village Room and Post Office
c. 1900
This c.1900 photograph illustrates three of the public buildings near the center of the village of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the corner of the Brick Meeting House, the Village Room or Martha Goulding Pratt Memorial, and the Post Office.
front U. S. Post Office
c. 1952
Built in 1912 on the main street in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the post office was remodeled in 1952 to resemble the town's third meeting house.
front The Old Oliver Tractor
c. 1900
This early 19th century photograph is of three children sitting on an elongated tractor with an exposed engine.
front Three Bridges over the Green River
c. 1910
The three bridges over the Green River in Greenfield, Massachusetts, illustrate the state of transportation development fin the early years of the 20th century.


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