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Highlights : Children : Toys

Subcategory Toys contains 15 item(s).

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front Doll "Diana"
c. 1887
Like many other toys in the 19th century, cloth dolls were generally not purchased but made at home by a family member or friend; in this case, an aunt made "Diana" for her young Medford, Massachusetts, niece.
front Doll "Chloe"
c. 1900
This cloth African American doll suggests that children like Eleanor Stevens of Greenfield, Massachusetts, to whom this doll named Cloe belonged, were made aware of racial differences at an early age.
front Bangwell Putt rag doll
Clarissa Field of Northfield, Massachusetts, was born blind in 1765 and her doll's carefully constructed fingers suggest the importance of touch in Clarissa's world.
front "Children at Play" Quilt
c. 1800
This quilt depicting "Children at Play" illustrates how quilts served a decorative function as well as providing warmth in unheated bedchambers.
Page 1 "Olde Deerfield Dolls"
These "Olde Deerfield" paper dolls transformed the traumatic experience of English children taken captive in a French and Indian raid on the town in 1704 into a child's woodland adventure.
front Doll "Lilla"
c. 1863
This doll with a painted porcelain head, was made in Germany and was owned by Ella Childs of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Doll "Joel Ellis"
This wooden African American doll, from The Vermont Novelty Works, is dressed in clothes appropriate to the 1870s and seated in a chair.
front Bowling pins

These bowling pins would have been known as "Nine Pins".
front Noah's Ark
c. 1900
This miniature model of Noah's Ark, complete with animals and a ramp for access, is a child's toy.
front Miniature Chest of Drawers
The miniature 18th century wooden tall chest from Maine is six inches high with a lift top and three working drawers.


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