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Sept 17th I hear one more has hopefully enlist-
ted under Christs banner. O may the revival in-
crease that all who May christians awake to
welcome their Lord into this place.

Sept 25th Have been apprised of hopeful indica-
tions of a revival in this place. Eight have join-
ed hopes, within the period of 4 or 5 weeks.
Most of christians are slumbering what
does this mean? A child of God Slumber
one who professes to love the Savior sleep
when the Savior is calling them?
O thou King of Heaven ------ remember
me soften this stony heart. Give me a
real christian's heart. let my life be devoted
to thee. Why is my health so far restored
O may it prove to be, for the purpose of
doing something for thy cause May I never
be inactive May I give myself up to thee
for time & eternity Lord hear my petition
for myself & others I remember a near relative
of mine I think I could willingly part with him
if thou wouldst make him a child of thine
yes could I see him turn, and serve the living
Lord I think I could see him go down the dark valley with
more composure than I could see him opposed
to thy holy Lord

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The Great Awakening, in the late 1730s, initially sparked the type of Protestant religious revival on which Sophronia Grout reflects in her diary. While revivals waned in the decades surrounding the Revolutionary War, they did not die out completely. The Second Great Awakening grew fifty years following the Revolution, as many American Protestants came to believe that as minister Charles Finney claimed, "God made man a moral free agent." This belief democratized salvation by giving individuals the confidence that their actions and faith could bring them salvation, an idea which diverged from earlier Protestant beliefs of predestination where only God's chosen few were believed to be saved. Grout rejoices in her diary that one more person has come "under Christs banner" and hopes that all "christians awake to welcome their Lord into this place." This sentiment reflects an element of the Second Great Awakening where evangelical Protestants became activists in their approach to Christianity. They sought to convert the masses and believed that when all of society reformed and became Christian, it would hasten the second coming of Christ.


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Two pages from diary of Sophronia Grout on Religious Revival

author   Sophronia Grout (1800-1886)
date   c. 1825
location   Hawley, Massachusetts
height   8.0"
width   6.75"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Personal Documents/Diary
accession #   #L05.073

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