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Supplied by JOHN RAYNOLDS,

"New England Farmer Office," 13 Commercial St., Boston,
  And---Main Street,--- Concord, Mass.

Allen’s American Farm Book

How to choose a good Milch Cow

" Diseases of Domestic Animals

Hitchcock’s Elements of Geology

" Treatise on Cultivation of the Grape

Hovey’s Magazine of Horticulture, 3d series, vols. 1,2

Allen’s Rural Architecture

Home Book of Health, by Alcott

American Florist’s Guide

Industry of Massachusetts

Agricultural Reports of Massachusetts

Johnston’s Elements of Agricultural Chemistry and

A Tour round my Garden, illustrated


Brown’s Field Book of Manures

Knowledge is Power, &c., by Chas. Knight

Buel’s Farmer’s Companion

Ladies’ Guide or The Skilful Housewife

Buist’s Family Kitchen Gardener

Linsley’s History of Morgan Horses

Blake’s Farmer at Home

Lindley’s Horticulture, by Downing

Breck’s Book of Flowers

Low’s Domesticated Animals of Great Britain

Barry’s Fruit Garden

Lardner’s Lectures on Science and Art, 2 vols

Bridgeman’s Young Gardener’s Assistant

Langstroth on the Honey-Bee, (new edition, illus.

Bement’s Poulterer’s Companion

Munn’s Practical Land Drainer

Baucher on Breaking and Training Horses

Miss Leslie’s New Receipts

Blake’s Agriculture for Schools

Miles on the Horse’s Foot, and How to Keep it Sound

Cole’s American Fruit Book

Mason’s Farrier and Stud Book

Cole’s American Veterinarian

Nash’s Progressive Farmer

Coleman’s European Agriculture, 2 vols

Neill’s Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Gardener’s Com-

Coleman’s European Life and Manners, 2 vols


Cooley’s Book of Useful Knowledge, containing

Norton’s Scientific and Practical Agriculture

6000 Practical Receipts

Nefflin’s Method of increasing the yield of Milch Cows

Cleaveland’s Village and Farm Buildings

Porter’s Chemistry and its application to Agricul

Chinese Sugar Cane, (by J. F. C. Hyde,)

ture and the Arts

Dadd’s American Cattle Doctor (D)

Pardee on Strawberry Culture

" Modern Horse Doctor

Parsons on the Rose

Dadd’s Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse

Principles of Zoology, by Agassiz & Gould

Dana’s Muck Manual

Rural Affairs ; a Practical and Illustrated Register of

Downing’s Fruit and Fruit Trees, (new edition)

Rural Economy & Rural Taste, by J. J. Thomas

Downing’s Landscape Gardening

Rural Homes, by G. Wheeler

Downing’s Cottage Residences

Stewart’s Stable-book

Downing’s Country Houses

Studies in the Field and Forest, by W. Flagg

Downing’s Rural Essays

Thomas’s Farm Implements

Dixon & Kerr’s Poultry Book

Thompson on the Food of Animals

Elliott’s Fruit Grower’s Guide

Thomas’s Fruit Culturist

Eastwood on Cranberry Culture

The Shepherd’s Own Book, illustrated

Emerson’s Trees and Shrubs of Massachusetts, illus.

The American Farmers’ Encyclopedia

Every Boys Book, a Complete Cyclopedia of Use-

Thaer’s Principles of Practical Agriculture

ful Sports and Amusements, with 600 illus. (D)

The Old Red Standstone, with illustrations by Hugh

Fessenden’s Complete Farmer and Gardener


Farmer’s Land Measurer

Ures’ Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines,

Farmer’s Every Day Book

2 vols

Farmer’s Barn Book

Waring’s Elements of Agriculture

Fitch’s Treatise on Insects

Wood’s Illustrated Natural History

Farmers’ Dictionary, by Dr. D. P. Gardner

Youatt on the Hog

Flora’s Interpreter, by Mrs. Sarah J. Hale

Youatt on the Horse

Guenon’s Treatise on Milch Cows

Youatt on the Dog, thirty Illustrations

Gardening for Ladies, by Mrs Loudon

Youatt & Martin on Cattle (D)

Gray’s Botanical Text Book


Gray’s Agricultural and Literary Essays


Guyot’s Earth and Man

(D) signifies duplicate.

(c) Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield MA. All rights reserved.
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Two agricultural societies were formed in Deerfield, one in 1814 and another in 1845. This list of books is from the library of the second society. Deerfield was founded in the 17th century by farmers on land where the Native people, the Pocumtucks, had farmed for 2000 years. It is logical, then, that even when settlers had moved west into New York State and beyond, and with the Erie Canal (1825) to send grain and other products back to eastern markets, that the agricultural past would prevail. The library, with over 100 volumes devoted to farming and the land, may have helped to introduce new methods and ideas to the farmers of Deerfield.


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"Catalogue of Books in the Deerfield Agricultural Library"

publisher   Deerfield Agricultural Library Members
date   c. 1845
location   Boston, Massachusetts
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process/materials   printed paper, ink
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