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Video Demonstrations of Early American Tools

Brief videos that show how these tools were used

image of hand cards

Hand Cards

a tool used to prepare wool for spinning
(file size: 10.1 MB)

image of screw auger

Screw Auger

a tool used to drill large holes in wood
(file size: 5.2 MB)

image of broad axe

Broad Axe and Adze

tools used to prepare timber for construction
(file size: 7.6 MB)

image of bit

Brace and Bit

a tool used to drill small holes in wood
(file size: 8.1 MB)

image of a spinning wheel

Great Wheel

a tool used to spin wool into yarn
(file size: 10.9 MB)

image of two niddy noddys

Niddy Noddy

a tool used to measure and wrap yarn for storage
(file size: 10.1 MB)

image of a hand plane


a tool used to shape and smooth wood
(file size: 9.1 MB)

image of a splitting froe

Splitting Froe

a tool used to split wood.
(file size: 4.2 MB)

image of a tape loom

Tape Loom

a tool used to weave narrow strips of cloth called "tape."
(file size: 15.6 MB)

image of a flintlock musket

Flintlock Musket

a rifle from the 17th century and used in the Revolutionary War
(file size: 10.3 MB)

image of a Springfield percussion musket

Percussion Musket

a rifle invented in the 19th century and used during the Civil War
(file size: 7.9 MB)

image of a draw knife

Draw Knife and Shaving Horse

a two-handled blade used to shape wood
(file size: 5.2 MB)



a tool used to turn cream into butter
(file size: 47.9 MB)

threshing with a flail


a tool used to separate the seeds from the heads of dried grain
(file size: 25.9 MB)


Winnowing Basket

a tool used to separate grain seeds from the "chaff" or seed coverings
(file size: 48.4 MB)


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