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Boston feb 12th 1851 At 3 to 4 P.M.
The following is a coppy of a communication with my Spirit
Daughter Jane Elizabeth through the mediumship of Mrs
W, R, Hayden In 5 Hayward Place.

After being seated at the table with the Medium & hearing
the raps of several Spirits I asked
Ques 1st What was the name of the Spirit that would like
to communicate with me
Ans 1st The alphabet being there called for And Jane was
spelled out I then stated the Jane had another name
that of Elizabeth When it was requested by raps that the same
or Elizabeth be written Thus Jane Elizabeth I then asked
Ques 2d Who was it that influenced me the 15th of last month
Ans 2d It was I dear Father hence
And I have influenced you many times since and shall
many times more for you have a great mission to do
on this earth and we shall all work through you for the
benefit of the diseased portion of the human family___So dear
Father hold yourself in readiness for we may come to you
at any time whenever ocasione requires
Ques 3d Have you any communication to make to your
Mother & Sisters
Ans 3d Tell my dear Mother that I am allways hovering
near and arround her soothing her earthly cares and trying
to elevate her Soule to look up to the right sourse for true
pure happiness as it is poured down from Heaven through
Gods ministers for the direct benefits of the human family

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This letter was written by a prominent spiritualist, Maria B. Trenholm Hayden (1826-1883), Mrs. William R. Hayden, whose offices were in Boston, Massachusetts. Hayden was one of thousands of women and men who claimed to communicate with the dead. She was a "test medium," which meant she answered questions known only to the asker and the deceased. The fad for spiritualism began in America in 1848 when Kate and Margaret Post of Rochester, New York, began hearing tapping at their home. They interpreted them as communication from the spirit world. Soon they were taking paying clients in New York City. Thousands of others copied them; others began hearing voices from the spirit world or channeling spirits' writings. Dexter Pierce was a landowner who lived in Sturbridge and later Northfield, Massachusetts. His daughter Jane Pierce (1832-1855), was married to Orson Morton when she died of consumption (tuberculosis).


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Communication with the Spirit of his dead daughter Jane Elizabeth Pierce

author   Maria B. Trenholm Hayden (1826-1883)
date   Feb 12, 1851
location   Northfield Farms, Northfield, Massachusetts
height   9.75"
width   7.75"
process/materials   manuscript, paper, ink
item type   Personal Documents/Letter
accession #   #L02.142

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